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Who Is Mr Lotto?
Good Question and the answer is:   
Lotto Is All About The Numbers
Mr Lotto Knows all about the Numbers

The statistics on this site are generated from the following Australian lotto draws where the use of 45 numbers are used.
MON, WED(except Qld Gold Lotto), SAT Lotto, Sat Golden casket Lotto, X lotto, Tats lotto, Oz Lotto, Oz7 Lotto, Super 7 Oz Lotto.
Also Powerball starting from the latest change using 6 from 40 and powerball 1-20)
Mr Lotto takes no responsibilty for any errors reported on these pages and any use of these statistics are strictly at the readers own risk

Mr Lotto is ALL about WINNING the lotto.
Ok! Ok! I hear you, if Mr Lotto could win the Lotto each week why is he doing this?

Well Mr Lotto is confident he will win Lotto it's just a matter of when.
The odds of winning lotto (6 from 45) is 8,145,060:1
Sounds ridiculous but that is for one game play 2 games and the odds are halved to 40725309:1
4 games is 2036265:1 100 games and its just 8145:1 and so on.
With the use of supplementaries the odds of winning a prize for 1 game is 144:1

So what! How do I win lotto?
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